The world’s largest recreational bike ride, Vätternrundan, is truly an experience. 300 km around the lake Vättern is a proper test for the many participants that annually gathers in Motala for the bike festivity. The event takes place in June and is a part of the Swedish Classic!

The first Vätternrundan took place in 1966 with just over 300 riders, and since then the ride has grown to be a must for cyclists worldwide. The pressure and demand to get an entry is always sky high and the ride is popular for many reasons. Lake Vättern with its breath taking scenery is the treat the participants enjoy around the whole course. Although it is a recreational bike ride the challenge is great and you need to be well prepared. Accomplishing 300 km on a bike around the beautiful Lake Vättern with start and finish in Motala is something to be proud of.

The Classic races

Vätternrundan 300 km

Vätternrundan (pronounced vet-turn-rund-an) is the largest recreational bicycle ride in the world. The 300 km course follows the shoreline of the beautiful Lake Vättern and early starters can see the sun set and rise over the lake during the ride.

Vätternrundan starts and finishes in Motala, Sweden, whose population swells to three times its size during the cycling events. The cyclists, their friends and relatives and the thousands of bicycles create a festival atmosphere, making the bike ride that extra special. Many cyclists return year after year to be a part of this large and welcoming cycling community.


Tjejvättern 100 km

Tjejvättern is an exciting ride for women on all levels. Ride solo or bring the whole gang on a fun challenge in a beautiful environment. Tjejvättern doesn’t focus solely on the performance. The social aspect is just as important.


Halvvättern 150 km

Halvvättern is a very popular ride and attracts riders on all levels. It is a great test of endurance and at the same time a very social occasion. Set in beautiful surroundings, it is a part of the Swedish Half Classic.


How it all began

On Tuesday the 22nd of August 1964 the professor and doctor Sten-Otto Liljedahl (from Motala) entered the bike store belonging to the Rydell brothers. He told Ewert Rydell about his plans on taking a trip around Lake Vättern on bike!

Two days later the two headed out. The weather was miserable with rain and wind. After 22 and a half hour they had completed their goal. Happy but very, very tired. The next year they did another test round but this time with four others; Jan Törnell, Erik Forssén, Kurt and Keith Kling.

During the Christmas of 1965 Sten-Otto sends a Christmas card to Ewert with an appeal to get Vätternrundan going. This and a whole lot of other contacts was successful and six months later Vätternrundan is reality.

Contact Vätternrundan

Phone + 46 141 – 22 32 90
Mail: info@vatternrundan.se

Web: www.vatternrundan.se/en
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