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A Swedish Classic consists of a collection of some of the longest, largest and oldest races in the world of cycling, swimming, running and skiing. The classic races is a part of the Swedish Classic, Womens’s Classic and the Half Classic will give you, both as participants and spectators, an experience you will never forget!

The Core words as a classic participant use are: achievement, experience, pride and respect. In order to conquer the Swedish Classic, Half Classic or the Women’s Classic you need to finish the four races of skiing, cycling, swimming and running within a twelve month period. You can choose between the following race.

A Swedish classic

  • Skiing Vasaloppet 90 km, Öppet Spår 90 km or Engelbrektsloppet 60 km
  • Cycling Vätternrundan 300 km
  • Swimming Vansbrosimningen 3 km or Vansbro Öppen Älv 3 km
  • Running TCS Lidingöloppet 30 km

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The Half Classic

  • Skiing Halvvasan 45 km or Engelbrektshalvan/Kristinaloppet 30 km
  • Cycling Halvvättern 150 km
  • Swimming Vansbro Halvsim 1,5 km
  • Running TCS Lidingöloppet 15 km

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The women’s classic

  • Skiing Tjejvasan 30 km, Kortvasan 30 km or Kristinaloppet/Engelbrektshalvan 30 km
  • Cycling Vätternrundan 100 km
  • Swimming Vansbro Tjejsim 1 km or Vansbro Kortsim 1 km
  • Running Rosa Bandet-loppet 10 km

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