When will you do a Swedish Classic?

A Swedish Classic is an exciting and fun challenge to take on. The basic idea is to motivate people to exercise the whole year. The races included in the Swedish Classic is Vasaloppet / Engelbrektsloppet, Vätternrundan, Vansbrosimningen and Lidingöloppet. You can start with any race you want, and then you have one year to finish the races. The challenge to master four different disciplines and different distances for a year is huge, and many pieces must fall into place for you to succeed, but the feeling afterwards is unbeatable! I hope you will take on one of our challenges A Swedish Classic, the Women’s Classic or the Half Classic soon.
Michael Thorén,
CEO En Svensk Klassiker


Let this be your year with varying training throughout the year with different sports but the unbeatable atmosphere in the track. Four races within 12 months of skiing, cycling, swimming and running. Do you have what it takes?

You can registration for all the races here: