Welcome to a challenging year!

I’m glad to see that you this year made the decision to implement the Swedish Classic. We hope you are ready for an exciting year, and that you prepare for the next step. It is a great achievement and requires both physical and mental preparation whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran. I hope you will find much inspiration and useful tips from our pages, otherwise please contact us.

Michael Thorén,
CEO En Svensk Klassiker


Share your training and let us see your progress during our official hashtags #ensvenskklassiker #tjejklassikern and #halvklassikern.

Registration for all the races

Let this be your year with varying training throughout the year with different sports but the unbeatable atmosphere in the track. Four races within 12 months of skiing, cycling, swimming and running. Do you have what it takes?

You can registration for all the races here: